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New forest garden machinery Tractor Ride-on Service

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    Servicing - What's included

    Mower Deck

    Remove from chassis, sharpen, balance and/or replace blades. Inspect and check all bearings, pulleys, belts blade brake, check height adjustment mechanism etc for wear or damage.
    Check all fittings are secure. Check mower deck body damage, cracks etc. Reassemble & complete steam clean and power wash off tractor, chassis, engine and mower deck.


    Remove battery, check electrolyte level and recharge. Up end tractor and examine clutches, belts and pulleys etc for wear, correct operation and security, strip out and service parking brake.
    Inspect and check transmission, gearbox and power take off (if fitted) for wear/damage and security.
    Inspect, check, lubricate and adjust front axle beam, axle swivel pins, wheels and wheel bearings, steering column, draglink and track rod for damage, wear and check lights for correct operation (if fitted).

    Set chassis back down and refit mower deck and drive belts. Check and adjust mower deck fixings for wear/damage and security. Swivel pins, wheels and wheel bearings, steering column, draglink and track rod for damage/wear and check lights for correct operation (if fitted) and power take off (if fitted) for wear/damage and security. Check deck for correct operation and adjust level if required.

    Check tyres for wear /damage also for correct pressure.


    Remove all engine covers/shields. Remove fuel tank, carburetor and fuel system. Dismantle, flush and clean, service and check all components for wear. Replace spark plugs(s). Check ignition module for damage. Clean and adjust contact points (if fitted). Reset ignition module air gap, check flywheel and key for damage. Check and service manual recoil starter as required (if fitted). Check electric starter motor for wear and/ or damage also correct operation. Clean and remove all debris from around cooling fins. Service or replace air filter. Check engine mountings for wear/damage and security. Check and adjust as required throttle and choke controls. Reassemble and run engine to full power, adjust and tune as required. Drain and replace engine oil. Replace fuel filter and fuel with freshly treated fuel. Lubricate and grease complete tractor as required. Spray all mechanical parts with moisture inhibitor.

    All carried out for the sum of £189.00 plus parts and VAT(Please call for twin cylinder/Diesel models).

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    New Forest Garden Machinery closed its doors at the end of March 2021. Please visit SPG Machinery for all your outdoor power machinery requirements or give them a call on 01590 623893.